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Welcome to Vale View Chic

Real chalk paint by Autentico pure and natural paints, available in all 140 colours in the Nottinghamshire area. Based in Mansfield, Autentico vintage chalk paint, eggshell, Autentico indoor and Autentico outdoor is available for all your decorative needs. Every application has been thought about with Autentico pure and natural paints, Vintage chalk paint, Velvet chalk wall paint, Venice lime paint, Versante superior eggshell chalk paint, Versante outdoor chalk paint, all available at Vale View Chic!

Welcome to Vale View Chic

Vale View Chic has always been a professional refurbishment company who has always had a high standard when it comes to furniture in the Mansfield, Nottinghamshire area. This is how the company started and how it has been able to grow and progress throughout the years. Having supplied 60 Minute Makeover with 6 stunning chairs we certainly know how to create the desired finish in interior design! Vale View Chic continues to refurbish quality furnishings on a daily basis and they are available for sale in our eBay shop week in week out.

Having always dealt with quality furnishings it is a pleasure to offer a wide range of items in a wide range of places. We offer Oak furniture here and our French style Shabby Chic furniture here. But that is not all, we also stock high quality paints from Autentico, the very paint we use on our French style Shabby Chic furniture! These paints come in a huge range of finishes available to you for almost any application imaginable, from interior walls and woodwork, to Exterior walls and glass! we have every need covered! This fantastic range of high quality, environmentally friendly paint can be found here, you really dont know what your missing out on so come and join in!

Vale View Chic